My name is Richard. I am a blogger, home renovator, pursuer of passive income and most importantly husband to my wonderful wife of 11 years.

I have created this blog to show you that saving money (even a small amount) can, over time, add up to make a real difference. Getting the balance right between saving and living for today is different for everyone depending on their goals. Understanding what these goals are and taking the steps towards them, no matter how small, can make significant positive changes in your life.

I managed to substantially improve my financial situation without the help of finance professionals (I didn’t find their advice helpful – it was all about their commission). I made some lifestyle changes by following a Live Happy, Save More philosophy, messed up along the way, and ultimately came out victorious when I managed to reach a status of financial freedom. Now, I’m on a mission to help others achieve a debt-free way of life and secure financial freedom for themselves.

Whether you want to eliminate your debt, have the flexibility to work at home or travel the world before you’re 40, financial freedom is within your reach.